Episode 0: Introduction (or, why I’m cranky)

Welcome to Notes from a Cranky Editor. And yes, I am cranky. Make no mistake about it. Every day — and that’s two words by the way — I read things or hear things that drive me right up a tree. Usage, grammar, silly things that people who should know better are doing. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t blame the general public — you? — for not knowing the basic rules. Or not knowing the little things that are going to piss me off. But people who make their living using the written — or written, then spoken — word should know better. Rules regarding usage, editing, writing and punctuation exist for reasons of clarity and efficiency. To help get the message across. It’s okay to break them if you have a good reason and know what you’re doing, but that’s the exception rather than the rule.

I was a journalist for more than 30 years, the last 24 as an editor. I’m also a freelance editor with extensive experience. I’m a writer, too. So yeah, I’m all over the place.

Can you blame me for being cranky? Of course not.

But you know what makes me feel better? Talking about it.

Don’t be scared, I’m here to help.

Come on along for the ride and let’s deal with this stuff together.

My  podcasts episodes will cover basic usage — come on, you’ve always wanted to know the difference between that and which, right? — as well as the more amorphous things. The ones piss me off. Good Samaritan! Gone Missing! But you won’t hear a rant without also hearing what the issue is and why I’m bothered.

Do you write press releases? I’ll cover things like what should be in them, and what to do to make sure the recipient actually opens it, instead of deleting it, or ignoring it until it’s too late to matter. Do you get press releases and aren’t sure how to handle them? I’ll talk about that end of it, too.

I’ll have some episodes specific to fiction writers, in which I not only talk about writing, but formatting and submitting to editors and publishers.

So, there’ll be something for everyone.


Thanks for listening.



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