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Episode 11: Press Releases 2 — What to do with one when you get it

On the receiving end of news releases? If you work for a print or online publication, you probably are. Here’s what you need to know. Play in new window | Download (Duration: 8:47 — 4.0MB)Subscribe: iTunes | Android | Email | RSS

Episode 10: Think your blog posts will make an awesome book? Listen to this first

So, you’ve been blogging for a while. You have lots of interesting things to say. And you’ve always wanted to write a book. So you figure just throw those blog posts together, and easy-peasy! Instant book, right? Um, better listen to this first. Play in new window | Download (Duration: 5:12 — 2.4MB)Subscribe: iTunes […]

Episode 6: Press Releases 1 – Make ’em not hate you

Today we’re talking about press releases. Even if you don’t usually work with press releases, either pitching or catching, you may someday have to. And keep in mind, this information also works for so many other aspects of written communication. In any case, press releases are a huge reality of life, when many people have […]

Episode 5: No holiday from the holidays

Since this episode is dropping right before the Fourth of July, I thought it would be a great time to address something that routinely confounded reporters and editors when I worked at newspapers – and they’re not the only ones confused. What’s the deal with holidays? Style, writing, what they’re called? You got questions? I […]

Episode 2: I see this every day and it drives me NUTS

Today we’re going to start out with an easy one. This is one I see every day. That’s two words. It’s an everyday occurrence. That’s one word. No, I haven’t gone silly. Well, maybe I have a little over this all-too-common issue. And when I say “silly” it’s just a euphemism for around-the-bend nuts. When […]