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I’m also a published mystery writer.

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Redimere, Maine. Quiet? Yes. Remote? You bet. Peaceful? NOT ON YOUR LIFE.

A small-town newspaper owner/editor and her sometimes love interest, the police chief, struggle to keep things from getting really ugly in Maine’s beautiful western mountains.











And, of course, if you like my writing and editing tips, there’s always the book.

Is it who’s or whose? What’s the difference between an em dash and a hyphen? And why does the phrase “gone missing” drive some editors nuts? One of the greatest gifts we’re given as humans is the ability to express ourselves. On top of it, we’re lucky enough to live in the digital age, when the ability to do that is limited only by our imaginations. Even so, the basic rules of writing that first formed when cavemen put charcoal to wall still exist: If your message isn’t clear, no one is going to listen. This is true whether you’re writing a novel or a newspaper story. Many writers are flummoxed by questions that should have simple answers, but don’t seem to. Grammar, word usage, punctuation and style can be daunting. Don’t be afraid, it’s really very simple. The rules of writing exist to make your message clear. Once you know this, they make sense and are easy to understand. Get it Right offers tips by a veteran editor of both news copy, fiction and non-fiction books, who’s seen it all. It’s not a comprehensive guide that lists every rule, but rather a quick tip sheet to some of the most common writing errors and annoyances. It’s easy to understand and sometimes blunt. That’s okay, because you don’t a hug and someone telling you how wonderful your writing is, right? You want to get it right.